I am sure you have guessed by now that this entry is all about shoes. I love shoes! Seriously I have so many that they take over my closet. It is almost like a love affair. My boyfriend knows to steer me away from them when we are out unless I have had a bad day, in which case he will bring me into a shoe store.
Now I am not one to spend a lot of money on shoes. I try to always buy them on sale or I ask for them as Christmas gifts.
Shoes are such an important part of your wadrobe that it is almost insane! And finding the perfect pair might drive you to the brink. The perfect heel could turn your normal day outfit into the perfect thing to party in at night.
Lets get down to the basics. There are certain shoes that every woman should own.
The black heel,

The knee high boot,
and of course The fashionable flat.
Now that we have covered the basics I will go a step further. As a model it is so important to have shoes to match the outfit. Even when the outfit is provided it is very rare that the shoes are. The good thing is that you probably already have what you need in your closet.
If you are shooting pin up think peep toe, polka dots, heeled and most colors if they match your outfit. Although I am personally partial to black and red.
Are you going a little more gothic? Then anything edgy and black of course! Think anything studded and shiny.
So you have a bathing suit shot lined up? Try something with lots of straps or just go barefoot!
If you are unsure then all you have to do is research. Simple right?!?!? If you have to buy a new pair don't worry to much. Even the shoes I have bought with something specific in mind I have worn more then once.
For those of you who were unable to attend Dorian's Parlor you can still see the fashion show!!! Check it out and if you like the clothes, which I know you will, go to www.steampunkworks.com ! Also, don't forget to check out Mutated Soulz FX. They did the body painting!
Here is one of the pictures from Valley Forge. Hope you enjoy it. I figured since it was raining we could all just look at pictures of the nice weather :)

What a wonderful time! Dorian's Parlor was excellent as I knew it would be. Many interesting and kind people came out to see the performers and and have a great night.

I had a fantastic time modeling for the fabulously talented Lee from Steampunk Works. The fashion show seemed to be a big hit and everybody involved did such an awesome job. I hope that I have the opportunity to work with everyone again really soon. Lee and Ralph are two of the nicest people I have ever met. They made sure that everyone was having fun and I only hope that they were as thrilled with the show as I was. If you like what I was wearing that is only the beginning. Go check out the site www.steampunkworks.com!

In the end friends and memories were made. I can not wait for the next show!

This Saturday I will have the pleasure of walking in the fashion show at Dorian's Parlor for non other then Steam Works! Dorian's Parlor was the first fashion show I ever had the pleasure to partake in and I am very excited to return! For more information on Dorian's Parlor please visit doriansparlor.com . I hope to see you all there!
So this is me. No make up, hair is a mess and no fabulous clothes. This is generally what I look like on any given day.
Nine times out of ten, upon seeing my pictures, people question whether it is really me or not. I am not the most put together person but I do love to model.
You see, when I model I am transformed into a different person. I am no longer worried about the problems in life. I transform into a pin up girl from the 40's or somebody else from a different time period. I revel in playing the part.
I have heard people say "I wish I could model." Well you can! I am not gonna say that it is completely easy. You have to be able to pose and take direction. But if you have the right make up, hair, outfit and a nice, patient photographer you can do it! I mean really, look at me, do I really look like a model?

Today I did a quick photo shoot at Valley Forge Park. I had a wonderful old dress and a gorgeous lace parasol that was lent to me. Valley Forge has so many wonderful places to do a photo shoot but since we only had about a half hour we stuck to the chapel. So pretty and so classic. I will have pictures soon!
The Conshohocken Car Show was my first go at pin up. It was a pin up competition and I decided to enter it. I nothing else I would get some great pictures with some awesome cars. To my surprise I won and in winning I guaranteed myself my first magazine publication! After waiting and waiting (ok so I didn't really wait that long...) it finally came out! http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/434525