So this is me. No make up, hair is a mess and no fabulous clothes. This is generally what I look like on any given day.
Nine times out of ten, upon seeing my pictures, people question whether it is really me or not. I am not the most put together person but I do love to model.
You see, when I model I am transformed into a different person. I am no longer worried about the problems in life. I transform into a pin up girl from the 40's or somebody else from a different time period. I revel in playing the part.
I have heard people say "I wish I could model." Well you can! I am not gonna say that it is completely easy. You have to be able to pose and take direction. But if you have the right make up, hair, outfit and a nice, patient photographer you can do it! I mean really, look at me, do I really look like a model?

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