Normally I am not tho.e type of person to talk about make up. To be perfectly honest I am not that good at it. I don't really wear the stuff unless I am modeling. I didn't even really learn how to do basic techniques well until about 2 years ago. of the biggest issues I have always had is finding a foundation that really matches my color. I am pale and I swear the color is either to light or to dark with nothing in between for me to use. Very frustrating! I know that I am not the only one who has this issue but I am happy to report that I have found the solution.
    The other day I took a trip to Lansdale to visit Delia's Makeup & Theatrical Supplies . I had received a gift certificate and decided to go and check it out. I felt like a kid in a candy store. They have some of the coolest make up colors I have ever seen and the owner, Delia, is a wonderfully awesome person. After taking everything in and her trying to help me figure out what I wanted the conversation turned to foundation. This is when I found out that she will actually mix a foundation just for you that will match your skin perfectly.
    I am so pleased with how my foundation turned out that I just had to write about it. I mean you gals deserve to know that this is an option. If you deal with the same issue I have been dealing with this is your solution. So please check this place out. Y

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