Normally I am not tho.e type of person to talk about make up. To be perfectly honest I am not that good at it. I don't really wear the stuff unless I am modeling. I didn't even really learn how to do basic techniques well until about 2 years ago. of the biggest issues I have always had is finding a foundation that really matches my color. I am pale and I swear the color is either to light or to dark with nothing in between for me to use. Very frustrating! I know that I am not the only one who has this issue but I am happy to report that I have found the solution.
    The other day I took a trip to Lansdale to visit Delia's Makeup & Theatrical Supplies . I had received a gift certificate and decided to go and check it out. I felt like a kid in a candy store. They have some of the coolest make up colors I have ever seen and the owner, Delia, is a wonderfully awesome person. After taking everything in and her trying to help me figure out what I wanted the conversation turned to foundation. This is when I found out that she will actually mix a foundation just for you that will match your skin perfectly.
    I am so pleased with how my foundation turned out that I just had to write about it. I mean you gals deserve to know that this is an option. If you deal with the same issue I have been dealing with this is your solution. So please check this place out. Y

    Throughout my pin up journey I have had the pleasure of working with Andrew. He is  a wonderfully talented photographer. Beyond that he is a wonderful person that has a great love for history. This is something you will find out if you work with him.
    If you are looking to add pin up to you portfolio or just something to do for fun you should go to him. He has a ton of props to work with as well as outfits. Almost all of which he can tell you the history behind it. He is also very good with posing and can direct you in a way that will get you the best possible picture.
    I have never been disappointed with my pictures from him. As a matter of fact I generally have trouble picking the ones that should go in my portfolio. So go and check him out!!/ZapponePhotography
    Every now and then an opportunity comes along that you want to try but you just aren't sure about it. This is what happened to me when I saw a post asking for a model for a body painting competition.
    Some of you may be wondering what the big deal is. Well this competition was to take place at the Philadelphia tattoo convention in front of hundreds of people. This was a live event! As in people could watch me be painted! Kind of scary right?
    Anyway, I decided that I was going to give this a shot. I mean what was the worse that could happen, right? I finally got to meet with my artist the night before. She is from NY so we only had one night to practice together. Let me tell you she is one of the nicest people I have ever met. So full of energy! Her husband was wonderful as well, helping keep her on task and giving encouragement.
    Needless to say she was nervous. I mean this was a huge deal for her! Right then and there I put on my brave face. I made sure to keep her confidence up which was easy because she is very talented. I would not let her know that I myself was a little anxious at the thought of what I was about to do.
    When the day of the event came we were both all smiles and jitters! We wanted to win but there were so many talented people there. As I looked around everyone looked wonderful in their artwork but we had something special. I could just feel it in my gut. I had no clue what the judges were looking for but I knew they would find it as soon as they saw me, a walking, breathing piece of true art
    We ended up coming in 2nd place and won the peoples choice award. It was wonderful and I felt accomplished for doing something that was out of the norm for me. I would say that this time it was totally worth it to step outside of the box.
Sorry it has been so long but as we all know life happens and things get busy. I thought I would pop in with a quick update of what is going on in my career.
About two weeks ago I had the pleasure of working with Lee and Ralph from Steampunk Works and Karen from KVO Designs at the Macrabre Faire in NY. It was a wonderful show where I was dressed as a queen vampire.It was so cool! I mean everyone wants to be a queen but a queen vampire is like awesome.
Other then that I found out that I made it into the Pin Ups for Felines Book. The fact that I made it into there calendar and book was very thrilling for me. Of course major props go out to my photographer Lynn from Untamed Photography.
I am very lucky to work with all of these wonderful people. They really are so nice so please check them out. We all need support no matter whether we are models, photographers or designers.
I had a wonderful photo shoot over the weekend with Lynn from Untamed Photography. This picture is just a teaser. But one of the pictures will be in a hot rod pin up calendar which is very exciting! Although it was a little windy out we got some great shots and had a good time. There were 3 other models at the shoot and each one was very nice and wonderful to work with and hang out with. Among other news involving calenders I was informed that one of my pictures was selected to be in the 2014 calender fro Pin Ups for Felines! Lynn was also my photographer for that shoot. I am very lucky to have found someone who is so good at what they do and know where to submit the pictures! Well that's all for now. Be sure to check out Untamed Photography on facebook! Lynn will also do your pin up hair and makeup if you need it!

I am sure you have guessed by now that this entry is all about shoes. I love shoes! Seriously I have so many that they take over my closet. It is almost like a love affair. My boyfriend knows to steer me away from them when we are out unless I have had a bad day, in which case he will bring me into a shoe store.
Now I am not one to spend a lot of money on shoes. I try to always buy them on sale or I ask for them as Christmas gifts.
Shoes are such an important part of your wadrobe that it is almost insane! And finding the perfect pair might drive you to the brink. The perfect heel could turn your normal day outfit into the perfect thing to party in at night.
Lets get down to the basics. There are certain shoes that every woman should own.
The black heel,

The knee high boot,
and of course The fashionable flat.
Now that we have covered the basics I will go a step further. As a model it is so important to have shoes to match the outfit. Even when the outfit is provided it is very rare that the shoes are. The good thing is that you probably already have what you need in your closet.
If you are shooting pin up think peep toe, polka dots, heeled and most colors if they match your outfit. Although I am personally partial to black and red.
Are you going a little more gothic? Then anything edgy and black of course! Think anything studded and shiny.
So you have a bathing suit shot lined up? Try something with lots of straps or just go barefoot!
If you are unsure then all you have to do is research. Simple right?!?!? If you have to buy a new pair don't worry to much. Even the shoes I have bought with something specific in mind I have worn more then once.
For those of you who were unable to attend Dorian's Parlor you can still see the fashion show!!! Check it out and if you like the clothes, which I know you will, go to ! Also, don't forget to check out Mutated Soulz FX. They did the body painting!
Here is one of the pictures from Valley Forge. Hope you enjoy it. I figured since it was raining we could all just look at pictures of the nice weather :)

What a wonderful time! Dorian's Parlor was excellent as I knew it would be. Many interesting and kind people came out to see the performers and and have a great night.

I had a fantastic time modeling for the fabulously talented Lee from Steampunk Works. The fashion show seemed to be a big hit and everybody involved did such an awesome job. I hope that I have the opportunity to work with everyone again really soon. Lee and Ralph are two of the nicest people I have ever met. They made sure that everyone was having fun and I only hope that they were as thrilled with the show as I was. If you like what I was wearing that is only the beginning. Go check out the site!

In the end friends and memories were made. I can not wait for the next show!

This Saturday I will have the pleasure of walking in the fashion show at Dorian's Parlor for non other then Steam Works! Dorian's Parlor was the first fashion show I ever had the pleasure to partake in and I am very excited to return! For more information on Dorian's Parlor please visit . I hope to see you all there!